Things to Know…

Rules for Camp

  1. Every camper is required to respect the camp schedule.
  2. All campers will attend opening ceremony, daily devotion, special daily event, retiring of colors, organized recreation time, campfire and evening devotion unless excused by the camp nurse or director.
  3. All daily campers should arrive and be picked-up at the appropriate times listed.
  4. All overnight campers must be in their quarters at lights out.
  5. All clothing must be modest and appropriate to the Christian environment. There will be no sleeveless shirts or open midriffs. All shorts must be of modest length (no short-shorts). Swimsuits are to be one piece (or a tankini) that covers the midriff.
  6. No one is permitted to leave the camp without permission from the camp director.
  7. Absolutely no tobacco products or smoking will be permitted on the camp grounds.
  8. No pets, guns, hatchets or long knives are allowed.
  9. The destruction of property or wildlife will not be permitted.
  10. No camper (or adult) it so self medicate. All medication, including over-the-counter medicines, is to be given to the Health and Safety Lead at the beginning of camp and distributed ONLY by the camp nurse.
  11. The camp directors must be informed of every situation that might affect the welfare of the camping week.

Note to the Families

In order to help us maintain a proper Christian atmosphere, all visitors to the camp are expected to wear clothing in harmony with our camp dress code. No tobacco products or smoking are permitted.

Parents may send Boxes of Love for their daughter(s), which will be handed out on Wednesday evening. Boxes can include letters, cards, stuffed animals, photos, etc. We ask that NO food items be sent as it causes critter problems in the cabin. Boxes should be clearly labeled with your daughter’s name and troop number and brought to camp upon check-in. If a leader will accompany your daughter to camp, please give the box to the leader as we try to make these a surprise.

While we want parents to be involved, sometimes visits with overnight campers can cause homesickness. We ask that you notify the camp director of you plans to visit PRIOR to you coming. Visitors are not permitted on camp grounds without prior approval from the camp director.

What to Bring

  1. Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, shampoo, washcloth, brush, deodorant, etc.
  2. Clothing suitable for camp. Nights may be cool. Bring raincoat, shoes for hiking and playing; one-piece or tankini swimsuit.
  3. Sleeping bag or blanket and sheets. Pillow.
  4. Flashlight with extra batteries.
  5. Bug spray and sunscreen.
  6. Bible or devotional reading.
  7. Money for canteen.
  8. Camera (cell phones are not permitted to be used as cameras)

Please mark all possessions with camper’s initials.

NO small refrigerators, electronic games or electronic devices are permitted.

Cell phones are not permitted.

You may contact the Camp Director or troop’s leader in case of an emergency. Cell phones are not permitted to be used as cameras.